On the Drift is a CD by the Bedlam Bards, featuring songs from and inspired by Joss Whedon's Firefly.

It topped the Celtic Charts on CDBaby in 2006. That same year, On the Drift was named Best Album of 2006" by the [Renaissance Festival Music Awards] and [Best Folk Recording of 2006].

According to the album's listing on CD Baby, it sold out within minutes of it's first release, and the second shipment sold out within a day.

Track listings are:

   1 Ballad of Joss
   2 Paquin Rendezvous
   3 Big Damn Trilogy
   4 On the Drift (Instrumental)
   5 On the Drift
   6 Saffron's Wedding Dance
   7 Hero of Canton
   8 River's Jig
   9 Theme Song Parody
   10 Eavesdown Docks
   11 Leaf on the Wind
   12 The Rock Garden
   13 Sail the Sky