The Lone Star Shindig began as the brain child of the Houston and Austin browncoats as an effort to bring together the far flung browncoats from all over Texas and give them a chance to party and celebrate the then upcoming release of Serenity. It then grew as a community event where we could show off our gaming skills, costumes, and our "Full Burn in Atmos" (courtesy of Lost).

The first Lone Star Shindig occured in Austin, TX from August 5th through 7th, 2005. This event included showings of Firefly at the Spiderhouse, as well as dinner and games at Dave and Busters. This mini-con was the launching pad for the big dreams the browncoats of Texas could accomplish at future Lone Star Shindigs.

The second Lone Star Shindig was in Houston, TX on June 23rd through 25th, and was bigger than the first. It coincided with Apollo Con, Houston's Scifi Convention, which allowed us to supplement their schedule with extra browncoat events and guests. The Houston browncoats were able to sponsor three guests that year, including the Bedlam Bards and Greg Edmonson (composer for the series firefly). Extra events included a Serenity LARP and a Browncoat RPG. The Houston Browncoats made their mark just as much during the afterhours parties thanks to the delicious food provided by Chuckybones and Val.

The third Lone Star Shindig is scheduled to be in Dallas, TX this year. Website provided below.

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Lone Star Shindig website

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