Welcome to the Browncoat Wiki!

Unlike other Firefly & Serenity wikis and websites, which already do a fantastic job of providing info on the show, characters, cast, movie, etc..., the sole purpose of this wiki will be to document and archive the fans: Browncoats.

The Browncoat Wiki will serve as an evolving historical archive of Browncoat culture, including activities, regional Browncoat organizations, charity events, conventions, meetups, projects, etc. If you are a Browncoat, then we want to hear from you! We need editors willing to share what they know with the rest of the Browncoat Community.

This wiki can become an invaluable 'cortex' of information on our Browncoat past, present, and future, but only with every Browncoat doing their part to contribute!

  • Note: In case you haven't already guessed where our witty tagline comes from, it is a play on words from the tagline for Serenity: "The future is worth fighting for."

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