From the website: "We are a group of Firefly / Serenity fans that wanted to promote the shows we love and the projects that other Browncoats are running. Creating a Zine seemed like a good way of accomplishing that."

The Zine is currently only available as a downloadable PDF but paper copies are in the works for future editions.

July 2007 marks the very first edition of the Zine.

Contacting the ZineEdit

"We are quite interested in hearing from our readers. Feel free to send us:

  • comments
  • suggestions
  • Projects you may be involved in
  • Story ideas

There is a section of the Zine set aside for "Letters To The Zine". If you don't wish to have your letter included in this section, please mention that in your email."

External LinksEdit

Big Damn Zine website

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